Instrumental Trans Communication is the name that has been given by Professor Ernst Senkowski, a German physicist, for the technique of contacting spirits using any electronic means, whether to capture the images of spirits, to record their voices, or, more lately, have them directly influence modern electronic equipment in order for them to communicate with us.

After years of activities in the domain of Trans Communication research, and in all the different types of mediumship development, our relationship has strengthened with our spirit partners, and we have learned how to connect with them and how to communicate with them.

Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are considered aspects of physical mediumship, as the spirit's actions also affect the objects, specifically the equipment.


ALICE is a custom designed software program which runs on any Windows PC platform.

A very long time in development and using wide ranging programmer skill sets in the specialised areas of natural language programming ( NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), she is an ideal device to add to any paranormal group's armoury for site investigative work.

ALICE will load onto a Windows PC or tablet and is launched simply from there during an investigation. This sees her alternating scan lights flash hypnotically whilst the circuitry within the computer invites external influence by spirit entities.

As the programme circuitry and code is influenced, the lights stop flashing and after a brief pause of a few seconds, a word or an entire phrase is displayed on her output line very clearly for all of the team to read. 

Her internal dictionary is easily customised by the user by the simple editing of a text file. She has been able to work with enormous word and phrase lists, currently up to ten thousand lines of data.

In use, she has proven to be remarkably accurate and relevant during paranormal investigations. The chances of the various words and phrases which she has output being selected at random are astronomically small! Consistency and relevance have been truly breathtaking during trials, and she continues to amaze... it's not uncommon for her to give actual names which have strong verifiable connections with the building being investigated.



ALICE runs on Windows at a native and minimum screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is a perfect full screen fit for the HP Envy tablet PC which has been used extensively during her trials. Any computer with a larger resolution will show the ALICE interface centralised with a non-distracting black border behind the program.

Installation is extremely quick and simple thanks to the installer package, just as adding any other PC program to your Windows machine might be.

The use of a tablet PC has been favoured due to the ability to completely remove the screen from the keyborad dock. This allows ALICE to be positioned easily and unobtrusively during investigations. The screen is then completely touch-responsive, allowing user activation by fingertip control.

Instrumental Trans Communication?

So, Who Is ALICE?

What  Is The Specification & Hardware Requirement?

The clean and clear ALICE interface - scan lights, power switch and output line, where words or phrases appear

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